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myPause FAQs.

Helpful answers and demo videos to some common questions and scenarios.

What is the Journal?

The Journal is an electronic version of a tracking diary. You can track which Symptoms you are experiencing on which day and whether they are of mild, strong or severe intensity. You can also check off the Solutions that you have completed as well as make notes about your day.

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What is the Plan?

The Plan is your treatment plan that you can build using our predefined list of Solutions that are associated with each of the Symptoms in the Journal. The Solutions you choose to add determine what will show up in your Journal to be tracked.

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The Trends screen gives you a clear picture of the trends of your Symptoms and which ones are becoming more of a problem. By comparing this to the completion of your Plan, you can gain a better understanding of what is working and what is not.

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More FAQs based on scenarios: