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Meet myShoebox.

myShoebox places your entire shoe collection in your handbag, making it easy to review, sort, and share your inventory with friends. With its intuitive and elegant interface, you can finally organize your seemingly infinite shoe collection, so you’ll always know the whereabouts of your shoes.

Just think, you can finally:

myShoebox simplifies your shoe collection

Is it difficult to learn how to use?

Not at all. View the demo to fully understand how all myShoebox’s features work in harmony. Start small – add just a few pairs of shoes at a time. After you become familiar with the interface, you’ll quickly have all your shoes with you whereve you go!

How can I join the myShoebox community?

Easily. We have lots of ways to participate:

And no matter if you’re using myShoebox to become more eco-friendly, philanthropic, or simply to expand your obsession with shoes, we feel this app will enhance the enjoyment you get from wearing a great pair of shoes.